Between “child dream” and report…

French photographer Gilles CAPELLE invites you to embrace the path of STAR WARS’ Tunisian locations. What has become of these filming locations? How do these settings, atmospheres and textures, true pop culture artefacts, exist outside of the fictional context? Can we see in them a glimpse of their fantastical past?  From nostalgia to mirage, discover how visual, architectural and heritage richness of these peaceful witnesses which shaped the famous saga.

Upcoming Exhibitions

June 26th 2021

STARS’UP 2021 – Paris/Meudon (FRANCE-92)

Space, science and innovation festival

October 8-9 2021

STARS’UP 2021 – Vernon (FRANCE-27)

Space, science and innovation festival

Past exhibitions :

FOTOFEVER Carrousel du LOUVRE, Arles Voies-off, Paris Images Digital Summit, Festival STAR’S UP, Paris fantasy festival, LA CHOSE Gallery, CHT’AR WARS…

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Obi-Wan Kenobi

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